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Sorsakoski Works Oy is an engineering workshop that specialises in manufacturing of pressure equipment. Our main products are tubular heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and other components designed for pressure applications. We also manufacture tanks, piping and pipe systems, process equipment, and other fabricated products.

Our facilities are in the Sorsakoski industrial area. This is an area where the metal industry is steeped in tradition. While cherishing that tradition, we are at the same time building a future of innovation and dynamic operations.

Our personnel have many years of experience in the manufacturing of fabricated products, pressure equipment, and especially tube heat exchangers. The main owners of the company are the members of its management team. The owners have extensive experience of engineering work, having provided a wide range of services to Finnish industry for many years.

The cornerstone of our operations is our mission: to meet our clients’ process engineering and manufacturing needs. All of our personnel share a common passion – we are committed to serving our clients well.

The quality manual for our operations complies fully with EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our welding system is based on the EN ISO 3834-2 standard.

The main products of Sorsakoski Works Oy are pressure equipment and other fabricated products serving our customers’ process engineering and manufacturing applications.

These products include tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, pipes, process equipment, and other fabricated components.

Our service range covers thermal and strength dimensioning in accordance with TEMA and PED regulations, planning, procurement of materials, manufacturing, surface finishing, documentation, obtaining the necessary approvals, and installation of our products. QUALITY MANAGEMENT is an integral part of every step of the delivery process.

The materials most commonly used in our operations are traditional austenitic materials (1.4404, 1.4432, 1.4301, 1.4307), duplex materials (1.4462, 1.4362, 1.4162), and traditional carbon steels (P355, P265, S355, S235). We are well equipped to provide and manufacture products using less common materials, as well.

Our premises are in the Sorsakoski locality, near the lake Sorsavesi. Our lakeside production hall has a long history of providing a well-functioning setting for workshop operations. Our indoor facilities have a total area of 6,000 m2.

Our plant and equipment include the central workshop equipment and machinery required in the manufacturing of tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and the other products in our range.

  • Wele Portal-type Machining Center (X2120, Y1600, Z1200)
  • Esab powder arc welding machine 3 × 3
  • Cranes, 3 × 8 t, 1 × 6.3 t, and 1 × 1 t
  • Edging press, 164 t × 4,000
  • Welding machines, 11 units
  • Turning rolls, 10 units
  • Sheet rollers, 16 × 3,000 and 16 × 1,000
  • Bevelling machine
  • Sheet cutter, 16 × 3,000
  • Flame cutting machine Wellcut
  • Band saw
  • Belt grinding machine
  • Facing lathe, Poreba
  • Pipe bending machine
  • Radial drilling machine, Meuser
  • Centre lathe, Diamond
  • Column-type drilling machine
  • Circular knife
  • Radial drilling machine, 3,050 × 16
  • Forklift truck, Valmet 12 t
  • Small forklift

Our main clients are end users in the paper, pulp, energy, and processing industries, alongside equipment manufacturers and engineering offices. Our clients range from small and medium-sized Finnish firms to large international companies.

We are happy to provide more information about our references and other manufacturing possibilities!

Our e-invoicing data is as follows:

Company information

Name: Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy
VAT-number: 2700015-8
E-invoicing address: 003727000158

Operator information

Operator: Maventa
Operator Broker ID: 003721291126
Operator Broker ID in banking network: DABAFIHH

If you are not able to send invoices electronically, please send paper invoices to the following address:

Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Please note the following:
The serial number in each invoice’s address field, not only on the envelope.

PDF-invoices can be sent to the address:

  Olli Kervinen
  Managing Director
  puh. +358 40 487 8841

  Marko Kivinen
  Manager, quality and
  production, IWS
  puh. +358 40 550 8700

  Jukka Hartikainen

  Project Engineer
  puh. +358 41 435 4576

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