Our premises are in the Sorsakoski locality, near the lake Sorsavesi. Our lakeside production hall has a long history of providing a well-functioning setting for workshop operations. Our indoor facilities have a total area of 6,000 m2.

Our plant and equipment include the central workshop equipment and machinery required in the manufacturing of tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and the other products in our range.

Wele Portal-type Machining Center (X2120, Y1600, Z1200)
Esab powder arc welding machine 3 × 3
Cranes, 3 × 8 t, 1 × 6.3 t, and 1 × 1 t
Edging press, 164 t × 4,000
Welding machines, 11 units
Turning rolls, 10 units
Sheet rollers, 16 × 3,000 and 16 × 1,000
Bevelling machine
Sheet cutter, 16 × 3,000
Flame cutting machine Wellcut
Band saw
Belt grinding machine
Facing lathe, Poreba
Pipe bending machine
Radial drilling machine, Meuser
Centre lathe, Diamond
Column-type drilling machine
Circular knife
Radial drilling machine, 3,050 × 16
Forklift truck, Valmet 12 t
Small forklift