Our main clients are end users in the paper, pulp, energy, and processing industries, alongside equipment manufacturers and engineering offices. Our clients range from small and medium-sized Finnish firms to large international companies.

We are happy to provide more information about our references and other manufacturing possibilities!

Our recent deliveries:

Cold blow cooler NEN700-7000
Chip Bin relief Condenser NEN800-6000
Vacuum tanks 4 pcs
Filters 18 pcs
Cooler BEU700-2300
Digester Economiser CES800-7000
Cooking heater, NEN700-6000
Hot Oil Exchanger NEN500-3000
Heavy Liquor vessel D1800, LDX
Chip Bin relief Condenser NEN750-6000
Black liquor cooler NEN1180-6000
Cold blow cooler NEN725-6000
Chip Bin relief condenser NEN580-6000
Green liquor cooler D3200/HEX D1450
Black liquor cooler NEN1200-8000, 4 pcs
Hot air condenser NEN1350-6000
Hot air condenser NEN588-6000
Bitumen heater BEU450-3500, 2 pcs
WL heater NEN800-6000
Black liquor cooler NEN640-6000
Digester Economiser CES800-6000
Cooking heaters 1 ja 2, NEN650-6950
Surface condenser NEN1600-3000
Steam Condenser BEM2000-4000, 2 pcs