Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy is an engineering workshop that specialises in manufacturing of pressure equipment. Our main products are tubular heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and other components designed for pressure applications. We also manufacture tanks, piping and pipe systems, process equipment, and other fabricated products.

The company’s roots lie in the business operations of Mesera Sorsakoski Oy and Sorsakoski Works Oy. In more recent developments, Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy and Sorsakoski Works Oy agreed on an acquisition of business in August 2015. With this acquisition, skilled personnel and current and fixed assets were transferred to Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy.

Our facilities are in the Sorsakoski industrial area. This is an area where the metal industry is steeped in tradition. While cherishing that tradition, we are at the same time building a future of innovation and dynamic operations.

Our personnel have many years of experience in the manufacturing of fabricated products, pressure equipment, and especially tube heat exchangers. The main owners of the company are the members of its management team. The owners have extensive experience of engineering work, having provided a wide range of services to Finnish industry for many years.

The cornerstone of our operations is our mission: to meet our clients’ process engineering and manufacturing needs. All of our personnel share a common passion – we are committed to serving our clients well.

The quality manual for our operations complies fully with EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our welding system is based on the EN ISO 3834-2 standard.